John Grate Day in Atwater

On October 10th members of the Garfield Camp participated in a ceremony honoring John Grate. Grate served as a private with the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and later became the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. He was also the last surviving Civil War veteran of Portage County. The Atwater Historical Society sponsored the event which featured a parade and a re-dedication of Grate’s memorial.   Special thanks to Pete Hritsko for sharing the photographs!

Grate Ceremony Parade

Grate Ceremony Parade

John Grate's Tombstone

John Grate's Monument

Grate Ceremony

Garfield Camp Members Pete Hritsko (left), Ken Freshley (center), and Tim Daley (right) with National Commander-in-Chief Leo Kennedy (2nd from left) and McClellan Camp (Alliance, OH) member Greg Hilton (2nd from right)


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