GAR Highway Sign Rededication Ceremonies

On May 21 members of the Garfield Camp participated in ceremonies to rededicate GAR Highway signs on Route 6 in Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake and Bay Village (special thanks to Paul Huff of the A.C. Voris Camp for the photographs!).


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PHUFFGARSign52116 104 (2)

From left: Garfield Camp officers Jon Silvis, Tim Graham, Bill Stark,  Pete Hritsko,

Ken Freshley, Mark Britton, Dept. of Ohio Commander Shawn Cox and

Dept. of Ohio Junior Vice Commander James Crane


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PHUFFGARSign52116 107 (2)

Judy and Pete Hritsko, Dept. of Ohio Senior Vice Commander and National and Dept. Of Ohio GAR Highway Officer

PHUFFGARSign52116 038 (2)Pete Hritsko with Greg Zilka, the Mayor of Avon Lake

PHUFFGARSign52116 088 (2)

Pete Hritsko with Dennis Bring, the Mayor of Sheffield Lake


Pete Hritsko with Debbie Sutherland, the Mayor of Bay Village